Entrance Exams after XII

During or after class 12 exams students participate in national level entrance exams. These exams give the first-hand experience to students on ho...

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Job Prospects though Social Media

Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn – whichever app you use it has become about more than just sharing vacation photographs and p...

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Career Opportunities

Getting a job and continue doing it, is not difficult. What is difficult is to get your dream job. It seems to be a fairy tale when we imagine our...

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English Paper Preparation Tips for XII Students

Students studying in class 12th must know the best CBSE preparation tips for the English to score 95+ marks. English is a mandatory subject for al...

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Mistakes Fresh Graduates Make!

The state of fresh graduates in India is worrisome to a great extent. Looking at the employable skills of the fresh graduates, it clearly indicate...

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Flair of Writing Effective E-mails

Though emails usually aren’t as formal as letters, but they still need to be professionally written to give a good image of you ...

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Careers in Digital Marketing Road ahead!

It was so correctly said by Howard Schultz “Digital Media is a bullet train and that bullet train is not coming home”.


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EE & NEET Preparatory Platform with Education Jagat

Education Jagat is always ahead for making the students well prepare for JEE and NEET. Laks of students has been benefitted under the JEE & NE...

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Media & Communications: This Fortnight

What does media and communications professional do?

 Media and communications are broad terms that encompass a variety of professi...

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