Power of Intrapreneurship!

Entrepreneurship is driving a revolution that is transforming and revolutionizing economies worldwide. Entrepreneurs must be known for thinking ou...

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Skill Universities : The Path of the future Isnstitutions

The government is all set to spread skill universities. A draft guideline with regard to skill university is under consideration. It is expected t...

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Stress Management- Rekha J. Singh

These days, the students have a lot of pressure. They are expected to excel everywhere or to be a winner in all the areas they choose. Youngsters ...

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Schools are making Students Plagiarists and Nervous

A new trend in English Medium Schools has emerged to lessen the load of a new academic session that the teachers have applied a new trick to give ...

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This Fortnight’s Focus - Paramedicine By Harminder Kaur

What is Paramedicine? What kind of work do the paramedics do?

  Para-medicine is the domain of practice which assists doctors, sur...

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Tamil Nadu girl commits suicide after failing to clear NEET

An academically “bright” daughter of a farmhand committed suicide in Tamil Nadu’s Villupuram district after failing to clear the...

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Marks-based evaluation is failing India’s education system

Top-scoring students may be basking in glory in this exam results season but noted personalities say the marks-based evaluation is failing India&r...

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NEET 2018 Paper Analysis

The NEET 2018 examination just concluded at various centres in 136 cities across the country. Students found this year’s paper between moder...

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Why the Youths of the generation are Directionless & Unemployed?

Youth is the age of Transformation and Revolution in which impossible outcome like Directionless and Unemployment  are expected.  They a...

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