The Fever of Examination; who is Responsible?
| Education Jagat - 16 Mar 2017

It's Exam Time and the heat is ON. Yes! The heat of Exam Fever. Students, parents, teachers, counselors, and even media; all are talking about this and we have no exception to it. But, with a different angle. Before we go deeper into it lets understand what is Exam Fever? Exam anxiety, disorder or Exam Fever affects almost 60 percent of children, including adolescents. Stress levels spike, especially during major exams. Student appearing for SSC/HSC exams undergo the same amount of stress as those appearing for IIT/Medicine Entrance Exams or CA exams. Some students become withdrawn, cranky and irritable and even throw tantrums. Children are unable to vocalize the fact that they are scared of exams.

The Fever of Examination; who is Responsible? Pushp Lata Jha SHANA International School This can also lead to school refusal, an anxiety disorder where the student stops going to school due to emotional distress. Some students end up falling prey to alcoholism, smoking, drug abuse and excessive use of anti-depressants. And sometimes SUICIDE. Exam related stress leads to pressure and anxiety. A lot of students go through this so one should not feel that they are the only person who has to face it. Physical symptoms such as stomach ache, nausea, increased heart rate, excessive sweating and severe headaches are very common. Cognitive and emotional symptoms include the mind going blank, lack of concentration, inability to organize, exam apprehension, fear of failure and low self-esteem. This in turn leads to sadness, anger, depression, severe anxiety and panic attacks. What Causes Exam Fever? Generally, there are three important factors responsible for Exam Fever; System, Society, and Self. We understand that our education system needs to be upgraded to a better method of teaching and evaluating but we keep getting shocks every year from the Government. Society includes parents, family and friends. They have their own expectations and pressure. Every parent want their child to top all exams and they think that this is the safest way to get success and happiness in life. The third important factor is Self. As a student, we are ignorant about our capacities, abilities, and interest. According to me, we cannot do much to upgrade the system and society immediately but we can definitely work on our SELF to excel in exams- academic as well as life. Students face manifold problems like lack of concentration, memory, confidence and time management. They procrastinate, indulge themselves in useless things. Parents and teachers keep on asking them to concentrate, focus, manage your time, be confident, learn this, learn that but the irony is; no body teaches them HOW to do all these. And the result is stress; Exam Fever. Our students face the same plight as a child who is pushed into the water without learning the skills of swimming.

The Potential- Performance Paradox We all know that our children are born with immense potential of body, brain, mind and energy. But we never teach them how to channelize these potentials to turn them into performances. Most of the schools and parents push their kids on a beaten track of competition without training them in learning and life skills. Learning itself is a complete science and it is must for all of us Solution Learning and Life Skills are set of habits, principles, techniques and practices which help students to learn how to learn and how to live. After researching for more than a decade we found that if we inculcate right method of Learning in practice instead of improved methods of teaching; the success rate of student increases manifolds. It is a very scientific and systematic method of learning which incorporates various techniques and tools of education psychology, Cognitive sciences, Neuro-LingualPrograming, Pranayama, Yoga and transcendental Meditation. It helps students to ease and accelerate learning processes thus resulting in maximum outcomes. Impact of Learning and Life Skills at SHANA International School, Bikaner At SHANA, Learning and Life skills are the heart and soul of its curriculum. Every child feels empowered, they are cheerful and celebrating the Exam Time. They call it Happy Time. They presented a mind-boggling program on 24th of February 2017 which was appreciated by many.

The students of primary classes displayed their understanding of difficult science concepts like surface tensions, weight, force, friction, air pressure, sound, vibration, magnetism, temperature etc. through fun filled experiments. The Global Wiz Kids of SHANA presented their memory skills by learning whole encyclopedia, multiplication table up to 10000, solving the Rubik cubes in less than 30 seconds. It was amazing to behold so many google kids under one roof. The special attraction was The Engineers World projects in which the students of classes VI to VIII displayed their engineering skills. They have opened almost every appliance which we use in our day to day life- car engine, scooter, cycle, Ac, fridge, Iron, stabilizer, cooler, mobile …etc. They explained the function of each and every part. The students of classes IX and X presented the concepts of Bhagvad Gita in children’s perspective. It was mesmerizing experience to listen to these children about abstract concepts like Individual consciousness, unified consciousness, right attitude and right action. They explained the paths of sankhya Yoga, Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga and Bhakti yoga for attaining empowerment and enlightenment in this complex world. The syllabi of all the classes have been completed well before the time and students are students are happily doing things which they enjoy. Now, the question is if one school can do this. Why can’t other schools? Children are same everywhere. They need to be nurtured with love and empowered with skills so that they can face the challenges of life with ease. We need to upgrade our system so that our children don’t face problem of EXAM FEVER.

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