Extra charges charged by Public Schools on online payment
| Education Jagat - 03 Jun 2017

Prime Minister Narendra Modi aimed for Digital India. Initiatives such as cashless transaction, online payment, e-commerce and digitization is overpowering everything. In this process, schools too, chose the step of online payment, but behind the name of online fee acceptance, the public schools are charging an extra amount known as service tax (conv. tax), whereas, if we look onto the rules of Digital India, there are no tax on any online payment. Government has started the way of digital transaction for convenience of the citizens but public schools have made this digitalization a source of extra income which increases the amount in their pockets and no one could point them. The public schools are playing the game of income so cunningly that it cannot be pointed incorrect because they are imparting education. The government has to take some major step for the prevention of these extra charges which is illegal and nowhere there in the rules of Digital India. 


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