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| Education Jagat - 01 Apr 2017

Fashion, it is not limited up to walking on ramp. Look behind the backstage, you will find the actual people who prepares the glamorous world for us. In a fashion show, there are some basic things, model, designer clothes, perfect light and the music beats. Think if your ears only hear the sound of the steps of heels, how would you feel? You will hear them for a while but if your ear don’t find them soothing you will immediately leave the hall. But, this never has happened. A fashion choreographer takes care of it. The beats of music are choreographed so well that the steps of a model sometimes feel like steps of dance. The hall where silence rules is transformed to a hall where the beats take you in the world of music with walking beauties. 
Today the new generation is highly attracted towards the world of glamour. But, due to lack of knowledge, they leave their dreams behind. Fashion choreographer is one of the career option that can be chosen for a bright future and name & fame. It is like being in the glamorous world without wearing the glamour.       
Perfect step on the beats, fashion choreographer
When the crowd awards the show with loads of clapping,  it feels awesome. The audience appreciates the hard work of models and the organizer. But do you know the success of the show is incomplete without a fashion choreographer. Fashion choreographer works backstage. Beats for the theme of the show is the result of a fashion choreographer’s creativity. The theme on which a fashion show is designed is different all the time, and the music beat is perfectly blended to the show as per the requirement. This gives out a successful show where models covered with designer clothes step up elegantly on the ramp and the beats giving their steps a beautiful fashionable catwalk. To make a catwalk appealing and glamorous, a fashion choreographer balances between the beats of the music and the steps of a model. Fashion choreographer acts as the director of the show. It is important for a fashion choreographer to have knowledge of clothes, quality, designing, colors, its stitching and all those things which a fashion designer knows. Fashion choreographer also prepares the catching canvas in the theme of the show. 
Eligibility for Fashion choreographer
Interested candidate must be 12th pass from any discipline to take admission in fashion choreography. If you have a Graduate or a Masters Degree, it is a plus point for your admission. There is no special course for this career option but it is very important to have creative mind. Everything de3pends on your creativity. New ideas give rise to a new show. 
Choose your subject of interested
You can choose any of the subjects from Fine Art in Fashion Design & Merchandising, Diploma in Choreography, Apparel Designing, Production Management, Clothing Technology, Textile Science, Construction Method, Fabric Dyeing, Color Mixing & Computer aided design etc. You can pursue Diploma, Advance Diploma and certificate from the related course in this field. 
Your package depends on your skills and experience
Fashion Choreography is not a simple job. It needs immense skill, hard work and experience. Once you are settled in this field you can earn more than expectation. This field is demands for experience. It helps in developing your skill set well and more. Your fame will pave you towards high salary, even you can demand for the fee you deserve. The city where you work also is a factor of the payment you receive.
A fashion choreographer needs to know them:-
•    Understanding of the requirement for a glamorous output
•    Practical knowledge
•    Creativity & imagination
•    Selection of music
•    Knowledge of fashion collection
•    Look for the show
•    Updated to the current fashion & trend
•     Perfection in selecting things and organizing show, at a time 
Top Institutes for fashion:
•    National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi
•    Indian Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore
•    Amity School of Fashion Technology (AMITY),
•    National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad
•    AP Goyal Shimla 

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