Healthy Communication For Stronger Bonds
| Dr. Indrajit Singh - 19 Feb 2018

A lot is spoken about use / misuse / abuse with reference to social networking modes. The advisory around building an effective communication through the same is being issued by multiple agencies. While freedom of expression gains popularity across all the age groups, the associated idea that freedom comes with responsibility is yet to claim its space. So people are using these modes to not only express positive thoughts, but also to depict the uneasiness in the relationships. These could be through direct writing or pasting a quote copied from readily available sites. Sometimes these are without any intention but a lot of times these are focused on expressing a state of being. Yes, catharsis  is important for a healthy mind but how appropriate this modes is, remains a typical question. Any process is expected to make us stronger for tomorrow and be better equipped when faced with similar situation. But such a public display of emotion may instill a lifelong tendency of posing as a victim, helpless as also hopeless, believing that the others have done enough to ruin our world and there is nothing that the person can change by self-reflection.  So is there a way out to be better accomplished or there are people who are born to rule and others who are born to be ruled upon? This question is catching attention of many people these days. Some simple ways to rethink the situation might include the following suggestions for a healthier self.
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