Higher Education System in Egypt
| Education Jagat - 17 Mar 2018

In achieving the aim of putting Egypt in advanced countries track, Higher Education is regarded as an important source, motive or tool.   The main goal of Higher Education of the country is turning universities to the consumer of knowledge fit to the products in many walks of life. The system also focuses on the   balance   between specialties and work market.   Previous strategies for Higher Education in Egypt have made many positive changes and proved a lot in the arena of development.  but we   are still suffering from some problems in some areas like; lack of equality and justice of chances before the learners. In addition to that we suffer from the qualitative education as some universities has failed in fulfilling their main motto. As a result, we face sometimes a big gap between supply and demand from Higher Educational colleges. Govt. of our countries is taking steps to solve the problem of increasing unemployment that some university graduates are facing. Govt. of our country has put   visions, messages, goals, strategies under her policies and that guarantee the job opportunities according to the future requirements. This strategy has   helped in   the sustainable development all over the country. Higher Education System of the country also aims to produce qualified and educated personalities who have the creative    and    scientific   abilities according to work market. 
   Higher Educational System of the country is now research and quality oriented. There is flexibility in the system that helps in facing all changes in every walk of life all the time. This system is devoting to produce the graduate higher in values. He has a great Jeal to participate positively in the Egyptian economy as loaded with knowledge and technology.   Under the scheme ‘Availability’, govt. is planning building new universities in the poor areas   public, giving affiliation to private sectors and is also building special universities to spread value oriented and technological knowledge all over the country.  It aims at 50% of High Educational Institutions Scientific Research oriented.                      
     Higher education system in Egypt involves scientific co-operative programmes like ‘Mushrafa Newton” programme with United Kingdom, ‘Academic exchange council’ with Germany, Co-operative, exercises, and scientific expeditions with Japan, China, Russia, USA. Government provides them full support and      awards. The govt. also looks after students especially the advanced and skillful ones to share in national and international champions.  She has special care for disable students who need special interest, attention and treatment.              
    Govt. has developed new educational hospitals providing in them modern instruments and equipments With all these successful attempts   in   developing Higher Educational System, we are staying  in   great   need   for more repairs and  reformations to some disadvantages,  but govt. has  faith  and  love   for   our glorious  country   Egypt that can change  the dream into areal  fact.

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