International Conference on Humanity: Hafrikan Prince Art World
| Education Jagat - 17 Mar 2018

International Conference on Humanity is being organized on 29th Sept.  2018  at Ghana, South Africa by Hafrikan Art World & Goka. During the events of the conference HPAW Hero/ Heroin, HPAW Star of Humanity, Most Outstanding Man/ Woman of the Millennium, HPAW Best Humanitarian Ambassador, HPAW Noble Peace Icon, HPAW Best Literary Book, HPAW Noble Literary Icon, HPAW Voice of Humanity, HPAW Most Innovative Icon, HPAW Eye of the World, HPAW Gold MAN/Woman & HPAW Diamond Man & Woman Awards would be given to the strugglers, changers, actors, performers, producers, builders, & protectors of social tolerance and justice for the benefit and transformation of Humanity. 
     HPAW invites papers world wide for proceedings will be published with ISBN by a renowned Publishers. Articles on Humanity can be sent to Dr. Deen Dayal, India, HPAW International Director and Chief Strategist of Harfrikan Prince Art World & Member of HPAW Planning Committee on the mail:
HPAW is a HUB for Art and Culture lovers and is purely organic & standards to discover new forms of Art to expand the Art Industry and also using the Art to promote Self- Consciousness.

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