Education System in US needs update
| Education Jagat - 31 Mar 2018

It is wrong notion that we are up date in our education system, but the reality is otherwise. We are not different. Education in the United State has been and continue to frustrate to all of us involved in the process because it is failing to give necessary output. It is true that we are rapidly changing in all walk of life, but Education System seems bogged down. Past no longer serves the needs of today’s learners. 
Are we preparing our learners for the future needs? Answer is ‘No’. Our traditional teaching approach of telling, making drill, and taking examination has not changed, it is continued up to now and it can’t prepare the them for future. Teachers are tied up with rules, regulations, mandates, testing, and most of them don’t want to risk their job by raising question on the system of education. Parents struggle to make ends meet and don’t have time to pay attention to their children. Families sitting together at dinner and sharing their day is becoming a holiday event. Communities remain somewhat disinterested until it is to vote on the school budget. Governments continue to dictate when, how, and what to teach and focus has become more increasingly about the tests.
I have worked in the system nearly 40 years both in public and private sectors looking back over these years I wonder, have things changed? The following are the year long practices: 
* Schools remain teachers’ centered (questions are not welcomed), learning is scripted through textbooks (with goals and objectives making it easier for teachers to copy into plan books), assessments and tests measure success and promotion, learning time is wasted in busy work and non-essential activities, intersection and collaboration are not encouraged(because they might be cheating), and the technology, which has expanded our personal learning environment, is limited or not available in most class rooms.
*  The parents’ involvement we had 40 years ago now seems to happen if they are called to the school because their child misbehaved.
*  The community I used as the springboard for learning has become unreachable for safety reasons.
*   College is still believed to be the only way to a succe4ssful career and test scores quantify learning.
*  Governments hold the purse strings to insure that schools, teachers and students comply to their terms and regulations.
*   Student frustrations appear to be increasing as they find themselves ill prepared for their future. I guess nothing has changed for the better in education. I’ve learned over the past few years of travelling these some issues existed in other countries.
    Other countries look at the United States as being different. I don’t think that is true. Is it a problem only in the United States or is it a problem in every country? Are we facing a global illness in Education?
“We are at a turning point in our history where there is a choice of widening the gap of inequalities or creating a system of collaboration with the understanding that the
future of our world depends on it.”
          “The Matrix of a Learner: A Philosophy for Life”

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