Pkako Music Mix with Reggae is food to the soul of the privileged class
| Education Jagat - 31 Mar 2018

Astrological analysis of PKAKO reveals that PKAKO   contains a life path of 9, full of dramatic feelings coupled with strong sense of compassion and generosity that is the key to nature. The number indicates the quality of a person trustworthy, honourable and accomodity of any kind of prejudice. It is a acronym. P stands for strength to go evenalone. K means alluring personality, culturally oriented and passionate in nature. A stand for sole target to the goal directing to the apex of the Pyramid. The last letter O stands for deep thinking, disciplined and state of satisfaction with what is in hand.  
    In music also Pkako has the same sense, but the musician (as I am) take it as a great stimulus to the poor and the privileged class to save them from other kind exploitation. It unites them in a string. It is the style of music used as a tool to fight for the poor and needy. It is food for the soul of the needy and deprived class. While the music plays, people of the deprived class forget the other world. The word Pkako means a stick in Yoruba language in Nigeria, West Africa used as a reference to define the poor and the privileged indicates Aje Pkako. The term used for the rich as ‘Aje butter’. 
    Pkako is also used as load voice to save the poor from poverty, war, starvation, and even from many abuses. It is used to make the poor people of Africa free from all pains.  It runs with African Instrument with songs mix with International instruments to create melodies to teach both local and International African heritage, tradition and culture. It is music for the upliftment for the deprived in which songs are African, raggae is local instrument. It reminds the works of the poor and lower class into existance and the style is called PkakoMusic.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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