‘Common Sense Management & Phone-Life Balance’
| Education Jagat - 31 Mar 2018

GLBIMR organized Corporate Talk Series on ‘Common Sense Management & Phone-Life Balance’ by  Harit Kumar, Manager – DevOps, Motorola Mobility Suite, Motorola Inc., CA, USA on March for the students of PGDM , under the visionary guidance of Dr. Urvashi Makkar  DG, GLBIMR.
    Dr. Makkar, shared the recent time has emerged as an era where our focus has moved from work-life to phone-life balance owing to the exorbitant amount of time an individual, especially the Millennial and the Generation-Z have been spending on mobile phones. The session aimed at a positive reorientation of the students to be able to use their Smart Phones as a support instead of it being a constant irritant.
    Harit Kumar shared the latest development regarding using phones as a medium of connection without being disconnected with the surroundings. He spoke about common sense management as a tool of intuitive leadership at workplace. Sharing his life experiences, the students were introduced by him to the dynamic nature of common sense management as a tool to be practiced and no theoretically studied. Continuing the legacy of Corporate Talk Series, the revolutionary concepts discussed by industry leaders were an enabler for GLBIMR-ions to emerge as game-changers!

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