Like Skill Education
| Dr. Indrajit Singh - 31 Mar 2018

Life Skill Education is designed to facilitate the practice and reinforcement of psychological skills in a culturally and developmentally appropriate way. It contributes to the promotion of personal and social development, the prevention of health & social problems & protection of Human Rights.
    “Life Skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands & challenges of everyday life” - World Health Organization Today, the more you focus on knowing who you are, the better your life will work. Life skills is the sum total of human skills needed, to add value and quality to our life. We ourselves are the source of all power that is creative but we need to realize the hidden potential in us. 
     The day when we can apply our qualities and understand them in true sense, our development will commence., it is not enough to have educational or academic excellence, we also require other skills such as individual, reflective, and social skills to maintain a balance in our professional and personal life. For today’s professional, life skills are quite important for maintaining a balance between work and family life. At the same time, to become successful, we need to know the optimum utilization of these skills.
   Life skills comprise many competencies within the personal and social assets categories -Physical Development, Intellectual Development, Psychological and Emotional Development, and Social Development.
   According to the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine youth need opportunities and support from their communities to develop these important personal and social assets for youths to become competent, contributing adult members of society.
   Youth do not need to possess all of the assets; however, having more assets is better than having a few. These assets can be grouped into the “five Cs” identified by Lerner and his colleagues.

 * Self Awareness  
* Empathy
* Critical Thinking
* Creative Thinking 
* Decision Making,
* Problem Solving 
* Interpersonal Rela -tionship with Effective Communication
* Coping with emotions
* Coping with Stress

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