Why not Agriculture Education as a Compulsory Subject?
| Dr Deen Dayal - 31 Mar 2018

India is an Agrarian Country having a larger diverse agriculture sector with an arable land area of 159.7 million hectares or 394.6million acres considered as the second largest in the world after the united states in arable land. It is the backbone of economy which provides the basic ingredients to mankind by supplying raw material for Industrialization, comfort living and all modern amenities. 
 It is Agricultural sector that gives raw material or food to Flour Mills. Rice Shellers, Oil & Similar Mills, Bread & Bakery, Milk Products, Sugar Factories, Wineries, Jute Mills, Textiles, Leather Mills, Ayurvedic and Hemopathic Medicines and other similar Industries based on Agricultural Products.  Shortage of the goods has its impact upon Industrial Production and consequently increase in price rise as well as chance to Green House Effect that leads to Health Hazards. 
 It is clear that Agriculture that gives all what a Nation dreams. We wish for Peace, Unity and Integrity, mutual Humanistic Feelings, Job Security, and even more Environmental Balance with maintaining the Food Cycle.  It is possible only making Agricultural Education as a compulsory from Junior level to the Higher Level.  Today’s young generation is ready to work in Factories at a very lower price, but not in their fields. The Methods how to get more output from Agricultural Fields to get you more financial Strong are not instilled at any level. A son of a farmer is ready to work at a Confectioner’s Store, security Guard at a very lower price.
Who is responsible for this utter and grave situation? Only and Only Governments: both State and Central. No Govt. has ever try to brood deeply where and on what the really progress of the country depends. Every Govt. cries for the welfare of the farmers. But where is true Welfare of the Farmers? It lies in making Agriculture Education as a compulsory subject from School level to Higher Level. It is futuristic approach to make India stable: Socially and Economically. The Day will not be far if Govt adopts this policy, India will again turn into Golden Birds.

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