Career Confusions!
| Education Jagat - 31 Mar 2018

Great navigators never hesitate to share what they know. They are proud of what they’ve learned. Do you see anyone who has the life or the career you want? Ask them how they got there. What was the difficulty? What was the easy task?  Ask them what they learned along the way. What was a key lesson for them? What tripped them up? What do they love about their mission and work? What are the challenges they face?
The goal of education is to form good humans devoted to work for the creation of societies of love, freedom, fellowship, justice and harmony. In the present era, students are more concerned about their professional career to stabilize their personal life and to fulfill their desires. Good career implies gainful employment, one that offers discipline, career advancements, lucrative salary etc for a happy living. If you find the right career, you will have success, happiness and prosperity for many years to come. 
We have so many confusions which take place in our daily life. Some decisions are handled easily like which dress to wear, where to shop, what to eat, etc. But we are worried and get confused when it comes to major decisions like choosing a better career option. This confusion occurs due to the fear of facing a change in life which in turn creates a stress. Fear based confusion happens when we are forced to take a decision which we know will produce a high impact on our life. Sometimes a wrong decision might also lead to new discoveries of our life. As Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Even top-level executives go through moments of doubt. Having some career confusion is good because it means you care about what you’re doing and where you’re going. So stop stressing, keep questioning and embrace your curiosity.
Before making any decision, they must evaluate themselves. They must see whether they are ready to take the challenges and if they are going to create a new starting point for themselves and only then can move ahead.
Today we have wide range of different educational, counseling, and human resource management interventions that can support individuals to properly manage their careers. Career guidance is offered while people are in education, when they are ready to the labour market, when they are changing career and     during periods of unemployment etc. Support may be offered by career professionals and by the non-professionals such as family and friends. 
As much as teachers, peers and consultants do—if not more—parents play an important role in drawing a study plan and shaping the career and future of their ward. Soft skills, such as being able to work well with others, leadership, work ethics, manners and social interaction, are vital for success in the marketplace. It must be dealt seriously by the teachers to improve the students. 
Choosing the right career can be challenging but having a well-defined career direction will certainly help and towards a brighter future. But with a bit of hard work, good planning, and some serious self-reflection, one can set on a path towards a promising life ahead.

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