Need of Life Skills Education for the Youth
| Dr. Indrajit Singh - 01 May 2018

Life Skills Education for the youth has been in an acute demand globally. Various international agencies like WHO, UNICEFF, UNESCCO etc. have strongly recommended Skill based Education for the youth and children and introduced various programmes globally as well as in South Asia. The CBSE has already incorporated the Skill based Education in course curriculum from class 1 to x.
   In abroad, certain Universities has started “Life Skills Education” for graduates & Post Graduates to produce more and more LIFE SKILLS TRAINERS for society, who can take up the responsibility of Life Skills based education for growing children and youth. In India, the progress in this area looks slow due to lack of awareness and sacristy of faculty. The Life Skills based education is required both at Schools as well as at Graduate level.
    For placements, companies always look for good personality i.e students having Life Skills. Even after recruitments, certain companies arrange Life Skills Training sessions for their fresh recruits
At School Level, CBSE after eight years research introduced “Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation” up to X class during 2010 with grading system. The CCE is school based evaluation of students that covers all aspects of student’s development. The evaluation and assessment are based on various areas as described in CBSE Teacher’s Manual in three parts. The 2 consists of Co-Scholastic Area in two parts-
A- Life Skills (Thinking Skills, Social Skills and Emotional Skills)
B- Attitudes and values (towards Teacher, School mates, School Activities, Environment & Value system).
At Graduate and Post Graduate Level, The Life Skills Education at Degree level is of great utility and therefore Institutes having Professional & Nonprofessional courses are providing the “Life Skills Education” training in revision of Personality Development Programme (PDP) with the objective of overall grooming of students in Social, Public & Private sector, their own development for functional capabilities and also their responsibility towards nation building. The Institutes are in acute demand of Life Skills Trainers to carry on in house training programme.
    There are very few Institutes in India and abroad producing the Trainers for Life Skills Education for the training to the students at school level and under graduate & post Graduate level.

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