Why the Youths of the generation are Directionless & Unemployed?
| Dr Deen Dayal - 01 May 2018

Youth is the age of Transformation and Revolution in which impossible outcome like Directionless and Unemployment  are expected.  They are the backbone of the nation.  Future of the country is shaped according to the progress of the youth. The progress largely depends upon the value Education the youth of the country receive. Hence there is correlation between the progress of the country and the value Education the youth receive. The saying about it goes with, “If you want to spoil a Nation, just spoil its education system”. Swami Vivekanand was aware of the power of the youth and so he said, “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”. He wanted the youth to be fit both in physical and mental health. The youth prepared with this motto acquire  their goals timely what they aim at. Youths are real hero and heroines who can hold the torch light with an inexhaustible stamina to lead the Nation to everlasting progress. They need no ignition to start. 
   Growing tendencies of cheating and copying in schools and college has pushed back the dreams of great men. On one hand schools and colleges that are fit to provide value Education are suffering from the problems of vacate seats. Even Government colleges where teaching staffs are highly qualified selected through UPSC have been declining in the number of students day by day and so are on the verge of closure. On the contrary, private institutions that serve the students slow poison by allowing them for cheating or copying are packed to the capacity with the students. Poisonous Education has been selling in the open markets and there is a long queue of byers who are ready to pay for it at the higher price by paying it in many instalments: once at the time of admission…the other at the time of exams for allowing theirs sons and daughters for mass cheating or copying. Neither the students nor the parents  have ever before thought what would be outcomes of this mass copying. Government have been silent, students have been habitual and the owners turning to more and more materialistic. No voice has been raised against the faulty private institutions by now over the corrupt system of Education they have been following. As a result, the queue of jobless youths is on the rise. They can qualify neither a written exams nor can face any interview. What they do remain the head lines of the newspapers: Kidnapping, rape, loot, Chain Snatching, Guandaism, Indiscipline, Growing Disrespect and even more Cultural Degradation.
  Government claims to check the copying tendency at  College level have been proved fruitless. The parents have never thought that they are giving the cups of poison to their sons and daughters with their own hands by making them admit in private Institutions that have been centers of mass copying. The parents have killed their sons and daughters at the moment when they planned for their admission in such colleges. Their sons and daughters possess neither quality of education nor they are physically fit. The parents should just check their mentality to send their sons and daughters to such Institutions and should unanimously lodge a complain to shut down such colleges in their areas to save the future of their wards. It is with the same time duty of the youth to raise a voice against these college to save the future of their younger ones. Government also has some duty for the welfare of the coming youth and at least to save the future of the country. She should soon frame the laws to cancel the recognition of such faulty colleges and thrust upon a high penalty with rigorous punishment to the owners who plays with the future of country. The youth are real Hero, but they are turning to  villains. Long live the youth power with the true quality within.

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