Career in Marketing Analytics
| Education Jagat - 16 May 2018

Marketing is always a great career choice among business graduates across the world. Marketing provides an edge in terms of connect compensation and communication. Therefore most of the students aspiring for corporate career look for marketing as their professional field of working. Marketing is often considered to be a creative and intuition based decision making career choice. Development of new products, advertisement’s message, package design etc. decisions are taken on previous experience basis. Due to technological innovations and advancements, marketers are now relying on data, coming from various touchpoints. The data driven thinking is the contemporary way in which marketing decisions are being taken.  As a result, companies are looking for professionals who are having a sound understanding of marketing as well as have a fair idea of data usage and data inference.
    Marketing analytics is therefore emerging as one of the big promising career for marketing aspirants. Marketing analytics requires a seamless integration of data with marketing, for a logical and data driven decision making. Most of the organizations across the world are now using marketing analytics in their day to day marketing. Marketing Dashboards, Marketing Metrics, Marketing, Heat Map etc. are now the common language in which marketing professionals are interacting within the industry. 
 Organizations are looking for skilled professionals who can play with marketing data, from collecting, coding, interpreting and finally for taking inference to facilitate the marketing decision making.  This specialized career requires a hands on tools like Excel, Cognos, Watson, Tableau, R , SPSS etc. along with a solid marketing concept clarity.            
  This career has high potential in coming future due to digitalization and technological shift happening in consumer’s mind, equally supported by organizations in terms of laying emphasis on managing customer data footprints. In nutshell, companies are looking for
“Marketing Analyst”, are you “Ready” for it? 

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