Man and Nature: With and Without
| Dr Deen Dayal - 16 May 2018

 Man and Nature are bound to be intimated as Human life and action is a transformative phenomenon, especially in the relation to the Nature. Most important part of Nature in relation to Man is biosphere, thin envelop embracing the earth. It is soil cover in which everything is alive. Outside the soil cover, there is environment that is within us. Man is constantly aware of the influence of Nature in the form of the air- he breaths, the water- he drinks, the food- he eats and the flow of energy and information- he experiences. Hence, Human beings live in the realm of Nature, they are constantly surrounded by it.
Nature gives Man all what he needs. She rears him  like a mother who sleeps on a wet carpet, keeping her son warm for her health, but Man tends to become ‘less dependent on Nature’ directly, but indirectly his dependence grows. Man’s power on Nature is constantly increasing. He has been transforming it for the birth of Human Civilization. He has made all kind of incursions into it. Enormous amount of Man’s energy is spent in transforming the real existence of Nature. He is converting Nature’s Wealth into means of Culture, historical Life of Society. He is on the verge of destroying the real existence of his mother Nature. He has caused destruction of many habitants and extinction of many species and as a result water and air pollution, emission of Green House gases, increased Co2 amount, depletion of Ozon Layer, Green House Effect, Acid rain, and other hazardous challenges have come into existence.
It is due to growing colonization, deforestation, growing industrialization, deposition of heap of garbage on open fields and water outlets to                                 Man and Nature - water resources, avoidance of moral duties to environmental issues and increase in the number of vehicles and uses of AC in houses, offices and vehicles etc. 
Ozone layer situated in Stratosphere protects all living organism from ultra violet rays of sun. More depletion of this layer, no life on biosphere will be possible, because in the absence of more depletion of this Ozone layer, solar radiation will pass on the earth and temperature of the earth will rise so high that biotic furnace of Biosphere will turn into blast Furnace and all organism will die. Hence there is no existence of Man without Nature.

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