Gurugram Govt. Schools at the Target of Burglars
| Education Jagat - 01 Jun 2018

Lack of proper infrastructure in Government Schools in Gurugram is making the schools target of vulnerable to robbers. In a high-profile of heist in the district, burglars were successful in stealing 22 computers from a Government School in Gadholi, which had no security guard on duty. Before this, there have been other attempts of heist at the other government schools, with three successful attempts of robbery reported from different public educational institutions in Gurugram. 
  To improve the quality of education in its schools, Haryana government has equipped the schools with various computers and tablet PC for digitalization of Education. A case of robbery was lodged in the police station of the stealth of 22 computers, but no reveal and arrest of has been made by now. 
    This robbery has questioned on the safety of vacant houses, vehicles and even ATM machines in Gurugram .  Even the religious places and educational institutions are at the target of the burglars. Religious places are generally not equipped with CCTV Cameras.

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