Boost in Marketing
| Education Jagat - 01 Jun 2018

Today’s marketing environment is as boisterous as anyone can ever imagine, with the consumer being followed and almost digitally stalked by numerous brands, shouting for attention!
   Every brand is now trying modern marketing, which is a holistic and adaptive way of connecting brands with real customers and driving results by combining the four pillars of strategy, technology, analytics and creative.
    With the emergence of new techniques, tools and convergence of  these technological advances, hardware, software, big data tools, artificial  intelligence, user interface design and modelling, marketers  are witnessing a new world of opportunities where they can easily promote their products and services, through such platforms. 
  However the chaos and clutter is increasing with time as more brands are adopting these tools and the challenge for marketers is to make a wise choice amidst these umpteen opportunities to make their mark amidst competition and do effective marketing which is valued in real-time.
   For careers in marketing one needs to be aware of the latest trends and has a flexible mindset, with not only digital specialism but  be a general marketing expert, who can combine the digital and physical marketing in the best possible way!
In today’s scenario too the marketers still needs to focus on following key principles:
•  To keep the foundations of marketing strong.
•  Keep up with the pace of new digital realities.
•  Pay attention to the environmental factors that can impact marketing.

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