Your soon Decision for the Admission to a New Institute may Ruin You!
| Dr Deen Dayal - 17 Jun 2018

After hard work of day and night, parents earn to educate their sons and daughters so that they can bring a good name to them and in the society, but their dreams break into pieces at the moments when after duration of full time study, they are revealed so many things:  about the leak poles of the Institutions where they took their admission due to lack of real information.
     To attract the students, there is a  chain of  frauds working around the world that  mislead the new students by giving them so many wrong information and so many false promises.  In case of  the professional level Institutions, students are misled of placements by giving attractive paid ads both in print and visual media. In ads, Institutions claim of so many false promises with the forged photos as proofs, but the dreams of the students break when they get the reality from their seniors that the Institute is Zero on the name of Placement. Had they been asked about the full details of the Institution before their admission, they would not have been caged in the fraud Institution.  By the time, the students had deposited a major part of the fee, and so they think to remain silent for the duration of the course.  
   This is the high competition era and thus a student should be alert and highly aware of the update of the Institution where he is going to take his admission. First of all, a student before taking his admission to a new institution should observe the situation of the Institution. He should visit the institute and sit nearby tea stall where students often visit. He should ask them about the position of placements and availability of experienced staff.  Parents are also equally responsible to get the information about the faculty, practical lab facility, proper placement, and discipline. Students of foreign countries should directly try to know about the college from reliable sources:  the facilities available in the Institutes.  The frauds of the chain show the students dreams in the air. Students’ soon decision to the admission to a new course may not only ruin the students, but their whole family too. Avoid of any agent and marketing person who gives greed of any discounts.     .  Never try to book seats of your admission before you visit the Institute and try to search the pass out students mobile and talk with them about faculty and facility and placement. Don’t feel looted of yourself after entangling in the net of Institutes by  taking  soon decision for admission.

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