Complexion Based Discriminations: Global Insights
| Education Jagat - 17 Jun 2018

The book ‘Complexion Based Discrimination: Global Insights was released on the 2nd June at the International Conference organized by The Literati Cosmos Society , Mathura, UP in Which 200 world level authors and poets actively participated. Among the highly dignitary persons were ADM, Dr. Ramesh Chandra (Lion Order),  Preetam Singh (District Judge), Dr. Z.Hasan (Literary Scholar), Dr. Deen Dayal (Chairman of The Literati Cosmos Society), Kesav Prasad (Natay Silpi), Dr. N.K. Sharma (Renowned Poet), Dr. Jernail Singh (Distinguished Poet), Rohini Kumar Behera (Secretary of the Literati Council), Dr. L.S. Prasad (Renowned Poet), and Dr. L.S. Acharya (Director, Disaster Team of Management). The programme was successfully anchored by Distinguished Poetess, Swapna Behera from Odisha.
      On 10th June,  the book received world’s greatest Award ‘Double Cross Gold Medal’ announced by the founder of World Union of Poets (WUP), Silvano Bortolazzi from Italy. In the announcement, he declared the book is unique on the earth crust and so all 243 authors and poets are entitled to get the Double Cross Gold Medals. It is the record in the world  History that 660 pages book published by Notion Press, Chennai and edited by Dr. Deen Dayal contains 243 papers and poems  of world level authors and poets have all been awarded at a single time with the Double Cross Gold Medals.
    On 14th June, within two weeks of the launch, the book, Complexion Based Discrimination: Global Insights achieved the second Award titled ‘World Book of Books Award’ announced by  Dr. Waheed Musah, the founder of Hafrikan Prince Art World (HPAW), Ghana, West Afrika.
Dr. Musah declared that the book contains life transforming elements and has the capacity to whip over years long Orthodox Dogmas. 
   The book is available on Notion Press Store, Flip Kart,,, Amazon (Kindle). The book is a direct fight against the persons who humiliate the persons on the base of their dark skin colour. It contains a message for Social Transformation. It is a platform to give the females dark in skin colour their self identity and the power to raise the voice against the social evil persons who humiliate them. It is the book of Justice for the sufferer who are disregarded on the basis of their dark skin colour.

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