Genetic Engineering - A Career
| Education Jagat - 18 Jun 2018

Genetic Engineering is an off shoot of a new Branch in Science. Under this Science there are several other Techniques which form part of Genetic Engineering. The Science is useful for changing in the DNA Code Genetic Material. In India as well as in Foreign Countries, due to the increasing demand the Genetic Engineering has lots of Scope and Career options. The field being Research oriented, for a bright and a successful Career, a Masters or a Higher Degree is recommended.
   In Genetic Engineering the DNA sequence is changed by artificial Methods. From any living organism the DNA is extracted and by the help of Chemicals or by Radiation it is changed and fused into another Organism, example from any Animal the DNA Jeans and Segments are extr-acted and put in another Animal to study the changes taking place in the Nature and Symptoms or how a Genetic Disorder Functions and takes place. Genetic Engineering is also being used in Plants and Animals to improve the Natural Symptoms and to improve the Defense Mechanism to fight with diseases and to develop new Symptoms.
   Genetic Engineering is a part of Biotechnology, Biotechnology Industry is dependent on Genetic Engineering for making of Pharmaceutical Products. The Genetic Engineering is also useful in identifying the Victim who has committed a hazard Crime like Murder.
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