SUCCESS or FAILURE - Depends on You
| Education Jagat - 18 Jun 2018

It is not bad to be “Unsuccessful”, but what is bad, is that we hold other factors responsible for our “Failures”. 
   Whether it be office, Business, Sports, Education or any other activity in our life, when we do not get Success, we do not reason out the cause of the same, although “Failure” is said to be the first step towards “Success”. When we fail, we have thousand and one reasons for being so.
    It has usually been observed that one gives a reason for the failure as favoritism or passes the blame on to the other or blames his “fate” for the same.
   It is very rare to be seen that a person who has been “unsuccessful” or has “failed” does “self realization”. One should try to reason out and find out the cause of his or her failures. This would help and lead to realization of certain “abnormalities” or “deficiencies” not known to us, which are the cause and the consequence of our failure.
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