Students’ first like Modern Indian languages for BA Programme
| Education Jagat - 18 Jun 2018

Students who have studied modern Indian languages (MIL), such as Punjabi and Urdu, in their school academic curriculum will get a benefit of up to 10 percent points in their best four subjects percentage, if they choose the same language as a part of their curriculum while taking admission for BA programme. 
  According to a University official, “Applicants who will choose the MIL (except Hindi) as a subject in BA programme will get additional benefit in colleges, but only where it is offered. Aspirants will be given an advantage of up to 10 percent points on their best four subjects.”
 “This is an attempt to promote the study of Indian languages at higher level,”  the official added. However, applicants will get the advantage only in select colleges, where MIL is being offered as a subject. The MILs offered by the University are Sanskrit, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu, Telugu and Bengali. Many students study MILs in their school academic curriculum and the University’s move is aimed at encouraging them to continue to study the language at graduation. 
  So far, 27 colleges of the University are offering MILs for BA Programmes. “If students have studied elective Courses and are opting for any language honours, it will help them more while studying further. That is why DU gives them an advantage,” said a DU official. There are very few boards in the country that give students the choice to take the selective language.
  Most students generally opt for core English /Hindi. For admission to BA Programme, students have to choose a language and any three elective subjects. However, students with different stream may face a deduction of up to 5 percent points on the percentage of their best four subjects.

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