Corresponding Varsities playing with the Future of the Students, A Big Game of Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut has emerged
| Education Jagat - 17 Jul 2018

Corresponding Varsities playing with the Future of the Students

(A Big Game of Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut has emerged)

Meerut: Shantan Gupta, B.Sc. 1st Year (PCM) student , Session 2017-18 has been seeking for his Organic Chemistry Marks recheck  for April, 20, 2018. He was surprised to know the answer sheets were not maintained with the university, but with the agents running the study centers. Even the CEO of the Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut, Dr. Shalya Raj could not help him properly in lack of answer sheets maintained with the University. After much more correspondence by his father, R.K.Gupts with the authorities, they were directed to Registrar Office.

‘’We were surprised at complete search to go to the Registrar depositing the important means of communication like mobile and all writing materials too. We guessed   all is not well here,” says R.K. Gupta, father of the Shantan Gupta.

Having failed to get the answer sheets photo copies even with the touch of CEO, the matter was forwarded to Education Jagat. As Education Jagat has been in full support and welfare of the students, the correspondence of Education Jagat contacted the Registrar Office to help the student to show his answer sheet of Organic Chemistry obtained only 7/60 marks, but the student claims to solve all questions. The registrar office after six hours wait was able to get the sense of the answer sheets of the concerned student was maintained with the agent who help him to get his admission by paying Rs.10,100/ and Rs.2000/ for the arrangement of examination center as revealed by the student in a very nervous tone. The agent came with the answer sheet in his hand in a rolling way.

After six hours, zero result regarding the recheck of the answer sheet reveals poor education system. What quality such corresponding university can give in the field of education. The most surprising thing here is that the answer sheets are not maintained with the university. It is very difficult to get the knowledge of the concerned student’s answer sheet even by the Registrar Office. If agents are maintaining the answer sheets, who can believe there is  justice with the students regarding the evaluation of the answer sheets. A well and qualitative university is supposed to care the answer sheets for three years under its proper custody after conducting and their evaluation as these captivate the future of the students. The evolution of the answer sheets with the expert of the subject is the need of the university so that scale of justice can be on the base of answer sheets in the favour of the right and brilliant students. By the time news written, no satisfactory solution regarding the recheck of the answer sheets could be made from the part of Subharati University..


Copies can only be Re totaled not re checked.


CEO of the university Dr. Shalya Raj told that rechecking of the answer sheet can be done while the director of Subharati University Rajeev Arora told R.K Gupta they will only re total the answer sheet not re check it.  

Arora demanded for a written application and Rs.200/- as fees for re totaling and asked the student to come after 2-3 days as they were not able to find the copy.


on requesting him repeatedly he called his Delhi Agent: M.S Institute of Education Pvt. Ltd. to bring the answer sheet which arrived after 6-7 hours. 

Another case of corresponding has come into view is of women circket T 20 Indian captain, Harmanpreet Kaur from Punjab who was not aware of her distance education UG degree fake as the university has no proper record to match her enrolment number. There are no proper records maintained with the distance university to give any reply regarding any kind question.

Harmanpreet Kaur was appointed as Deputy Superintendent of Police on the basis of her remarkable contribution in World Cup 2017, but she was demoted from the post as Chaudhary Charan Singh Distance Education University Department failed to match her enrolment of Under Graduate Art course.

Regarding her failure of matching her enrolment with the university, several questions were raised before her. ‘’’When you did your graduation, did you go to the head office to verify her enrolment.” Nobody does that as she replied. She was provided examination centers at Delhi with her UG Subjects Sociology, Political Science, English, and General Awareness. She cleared and got got the mark sheet. If she had been aware of her fake degree, she would have done her graduation from other university as a private candidate.

It is a great shock to not only to the student, but to the parents when the students’ records are not maintained with the universities and it brings a big hinder in the process of verification. Verification of student’s documents is a mandatory process. If distance varsities are failing maintaining the records, they have no rights to play with the future of the students. It is the duty of government to curb on the net of the distance education universities that are cheating the students with a heavy amount of money without maintaining any record. UGC should also take strict action against such universities. It is open injustice with the students. There is an urgent need to shut down such cheating universities that are playing with the future of the students not maintaining any records like answer sheets and enrolment records too.


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