Draft Bill of the HECI-2018: Harbinger of Hopes and Despairs in 21st Century India :-Prof. NDR. Chandra
| Education Jagat - 17 Jul 2018

In the very first quarter of 21st Century, Indian higher education is moving towards a new horizon having new organization i.e. Higher Education Commission of India. The obvious reason behind it is to revamp and restructure the higher education in India as per the demands of the age. Of course, it is harbinger of hopes for the academic world particularly the huge population of youngsters, who are looking for right kind of education so that they can get employment after completion of their degrees and diplomas. There have also been speculations that it is just an ‘old wine in a new bottle.’ Hence, there have been ample reasons to have despairs also..
   In the preamble of the draft, the constitutional provision has been referred wherein the Government of India is to take steps for coordination and determination of standard in institutions of higher education. There is a need to establish HECI repealing the UGC Act, 1956 to tune with the changing priorities of higher education. The function of the HECI will be to focus on academic quality, which has been narrated briefly as follows:
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