Artificial Intelligence, Interconnected World and Industry -Prof. Jagdish Sheth
| Education Jagat - 17 Jul 2018

The IILM University and Global Compact Network India, in association with the India International Center, presented a special lecture by Prof. Jagdish Sheth on a topic that is extremely relevant in today’s fast changing world. Speaking on New Contours of Management: Artificial Intelligence, Interconnected World and Industry 4.0, Prof Sheth, Charles H. Kellstatd Professor of Marketing at Goizueta Business School, Emory University, USA, elaborated upon the divergent stages through which world has evolved commencing with the Industrial Age 1.0 to the Infrastructure Age (Industry 2.0), Information Age (Industry 3.0) and emerging into the current Knowledge Age (Industry 4.0). An era of artificial intelligence, data mining & business insight, big data, social media, user experience & sharing economy, face book, knowledge mobility, block chain and cloud computing, Industry 4.0 is an age in which the world is transformed and adapting to the change is the only solution. Discussing the dark side of the internet where the virtual reality has become more fascinating than the real world, Prof. Sheth spoke about the changes that are taking place including uberization of markets, digital addiction, rise of room-mate nation, blurring of personal and professional lives to name a few.  He stressed that there will be a shift from hierarchical to distributed governance and from external to self-governance. 
  A distinguished speaker at the event was Arun Kumar Singh, formerly India’s Ambassador to USA, France and Israel. Singh, with 35 years of experience in Public Policy, specifically foreign policy and global institutions, who is part of  the Board of Governors at IILM, has designed a multi-disciplinary programme in “Public Policy and Management” for IILM Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management. At the event, Arun Singh delivered an address on Public Policy, Management and International Relations. He said,  “All dimensions of development pose huge challenges for public policy resulting in public policy choices getting impacted therefore leading to new thoughts and changes in public policy.” By taking examples of clean air; decent work and economic growth, and good health and well-being, he explained how they affected public policy  
 The other eminent speakers were Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, Senior Director IILM and part of the Board of Governors of IILM and Kamal Singh, Executive Director, Global Compact Network India. Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee and Kamal Singh, as part of the academic advisory board, have curated IILM’s Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management on ”Sustainability and Innovation” in collaboration with UN Global Compact. He said, “One major corrective approach that needs to be taken towards the success of SDGs is stop approaching only governments of countries and reach out to the private players also by creating a more inclusive agenda.” 

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