Schools are making Students Plagiarists and Nervous
| Dr Deen Dayal - 17 Jul 2018

A new trend in English Medium Schools has emerged to lessen the load of a new academic session that the teachers have applied a new trick to give long Projects work to write in a number of pages. Within the same time, it has also been observed that teachers give the whole book exercises to be solved in Summer Vacation Home Work. The teachers, principals and the owners of the school’s first try to know the definition of Summer Vacation then any decision to give the whole book exercises or long projects  as Summer Vacation Home Work Should be made.
Cambridge School Dictionary defines the Summer Vacation as ‘a vacation during the summer, esp. the time when students are not in schools. Students take short trips. It is free to do what the students want, such as travel or relax. 
 Wikipedia defines Summer Vacation as ‘ …Over schooling could lead to nervous disorders, depression, insanity, and separation anxiety towards families. The Children are over stimulated in a system. They need time to relax and also to take a break from other stresses associated with school such as peer pressure, clique, bullying, and the pressure of heavy loads of home work.’
 Instead of relax and freedom from load of school work, teachers give them a heavy load of work to make them busy throughout the summer vacations. This load not only keeps the students busy, but parents and extra tutors also do a hard work to make their home work complete during the whole summer.
 I ask a question to the esteemed teachers, principals and the owners of English Medium Schools, “Will the students not be taught the whole session in the class rooms when the schools will be reopened? Are the teachers not engaged to teach the students in the class or they are silent teachers only to check the note books? Are the teachers not being provided full salary to teach in the class the whole year? Are the teachers not able to solve the exercises? Are the teachers not being provided full month fee?
 I think your answer would be ‘Yes’. The same thing happens in the class if some books from the Summer Vacation Home Work are left, it has been observed that in the class too teachers give the whole exercise to be solved as home work. Can you imagine the condition of the children or students who have remained under pressure the whole Summer Vacation are still under the pressure of heavy load. What is the duty or schools? All schools are forgetting. They keep attention over the fee should be deposited at the fixed time or they are ready to impose fines too. But the chief motto of a school is not to collect fee. Education is not a profession, but a social service. 
According to Richard Walker, an educational psychologist at Sydney University, “Data show that in countries where more time is spent on home work, students score lower on a standardized test called PISA.” Much home work fall negative impact on students’ academic performance implies there are better ways for them to spend many hours to complete worksheets in class during school hours as suggested by psychologists.
 Apart from this, Heavy project work for Summer Vacation is making the students at a very adult age plagiarists. Students do not know  they are committing offence while they are stealing others material and producing it with their names. The material that is loaded on internet has several clauses like copyrights infringements and so none has the right to plagiarize it any way. It is a kind of Crime to steal another material as it is and produce it with his or her name. A plagiarist can be filed a court case for stealing the material and he can be sent to prison as it is a legal offence.
School Owners or Principals should direct the teachers not to develop in students the habit of stealing others’ material from internet, instead the students need to tell write in their own ways. It is the work of teachers before closing the schools or colleges to tell the students all about the ways of writings on which topic the projects are being given or else the students will lose the power of creativity. They will never get success in research work.
 There are some duties on behalf of parents to raise some questions at the time of parents meetings as not to give the whole exercise as home work. It is the duty of the teacher to sole every new problem in the class and only similar problems can be given as home work. Parents need to raise question about project work too. Why is the concerned teacher not telling even the main aspects of the project so that student can be prevented from stealing the material from Internet?
 Every English Medium School needs to follow psychological guidelines what cause trouble and what not to the students. It is the duty of govt’s to issue strict guidelines to the schools not to put over home work load on the students, instead the teachers should try to get them understood each problem separately. There are some moral duties of the English Medium schools to do justice with the students and try to solve the problems at the class instead giving the whole exercise as home work.

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