Yogi to put break on the non-stop arbitrary of Private Schools
| Education Jagat - 17 Apr 2017

Finally, Yogi Government is going to take strict action against the Private Schools. It is not because they are found involved in any illegal work but because of the fee increment. The inflation is common in groceries and vegetable market but the same situation is found in private schools which is a serious matter. It seems to be like a business where students are the employees and are forced to pay the security amount which is non-refundable or else they would not be eligible for the seats in the 
Transformations to be brought within 100 days
A lot of new changes are to be introduced in the rules of private schools. All new rules will soon be brought in private schools within 100 days. A Basic Education Service Selection Board will be formed for selection of teachers. All schools have to provide books, uniform and bag till 1st of July to each student. Changes will be brought in the syllabus of the students. Most importantly, the school fees should be within limit. Laboratories to be established in 1760 Senior Primary Schools and 45,809 schools to be facilitated with electricity. 30 lakh candidates to appear in the literacy exam to be held on 30th April. Attendance of both the teachers and students will be marked through Biometric system. All these instructions and decisions were taken by CM Yogi during the Power Presentation of Basic Education Department. 
Parents protest against fee increment 
Fee structure of private schools have brought tears in the eyes of parents. Continuous complaints are being registered that the private schools have increased the school fees a lot. Many parents feeling helpless says that they have never received this much appraisals in their companies even. Expressing anger against the private schools, huge rallies were been taken out in NCR region by the parents with hoardings against the increase of fees. 
NOC to be cancelled if school denies to follow the rules 
Orders have been passed by CM Yogi to the City Magistrates and District Inspector of Schools (DIOS) to settle down the matter of fee. They are instructed to keep an eye on the schools which take heavy fees in spite of the government order. If the schools deny to follow the rules of the state government, the NOC will be immediately cancelled by the State Government. A meeting was held between the City Magistrate, DIOS, Principals of different schools and All India Parent School Association regarding this matter.  
FIR to be filed against coaching teachers 
CM Yogi ordered to file FIR against the coaching tutors. Schools should assure about the completion of syllabus within 200 days. Presence of teachers will be regularly monitored. He said that steps should be taken to complete exams within 15 days and give away the result in next 15 days to the students.

If asked for these, you can COMPLAIN
•    If school charges for participating in any competition
•    If school denies to provide facility to the students as per the fees taken
•    School fees as set by the Education Department, so no extra fees is to be given
•    School is permitted to raise fee only after the permission of CBSE or Education Department
•    School cannot sell stationary, neither parents are bound to purchase stationary from any fixed shop

CM takes Viva of the staffs
To check the work & Agenda of the Education Department, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath took Viva of the staffs. He instructed the Department Officials to prepare draft and policy to stop the arbitrary of the private schools. His main focus was on the appropriation, Resource increment and to upgrade the Transfer Policy. The Viva was taken in Annexi, Lucknow.

Citizen Charter paralyses private schools 
Taking the issue of high fee in private schools seriously, Yogi declared to put Citizen Charter in Lucknow. With the influence of Citizen Charter, schools will not be able to take willful fees, sell stationary, uniform in their school counters. They will be paralyzed in sense of charging extra useless fees. Till now Citizen Charter has been put in 51 State and 101 aided schools. Apart from them 123 CBSE Schools will also be soon under this policy.

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