Stress Management- Rekha J. Singh
| Education Jagat - 03 Aug 2018

These days, the students have a lot of pressure. They are expected to excel everywhere or to be a winner in all the areas they choose. Youngsters are confused and they do not know which path to choose.  Confusion to each field  leads them to stress and depression. It is now widely recognized that mental stress (which includes fear, anger or negative thoughts) causes illness. It is important to know that our body is linked to our minds, so our physical body condition affects our mental health too.
 In an article published in The New England Journal of Medicine, USA tells that chronic stress can inflict on the human body. Mental stress causes a complex system of hormones and other chemicals to be released in the body. When someone feels stress, it changes his heart rate, blood pressure and blood- sugar rate.  It increases the secretion of cartisol, a powerful natural steroid hormone. 
  Experts of the field emphasize on meditation that reduces negative thoughts, stress, emotions, and brings joy and happiness.  Students are recommended to join meditation classes that bring awareness and prepare youngsters to face life problems with confidence. Meditation exercises help in bringing peace and removal of blocks and obstacles from the inner state of mind.

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