NCERT Vs Private Books
| Dr Deen Dayal - 16 Aug 2018

National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has Publication Division that interacts with International Organizations such UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, NFPA and the World Bank to study specific educational problems and to arrange them in a systematic ways to bring them before students in such manner that may give them the concept of the problems with pictures and information about the text, realistic literature, and real life problems.   These books are based on the theory: ‘Why?, What? And How?’ These books are created through research and hard work of numerous scholars. There is no alternative to NCERT Books to understand the concept behind the topic.  The most important thing is that with the uncompromising quality, NCERT Books are available at a very lower price. Studies reveal that NCERT Books are bone to students to qualify PSC, MPSC, UPSC, Civil Service Exams, Banks, Railways and other competitive exams too. 
Furthermore, students are backbone of any nation; they need every facility related to their study at a very reasonable price. Books are food to them. They give life to them. Only NCERT Books are serving the great purpose to the students. A common level student can purchase them easily at a very low price. If he studies them with a great attention and devotion, they store in him the knowledge to pass not only academic exams with excellent marks, but also to qualify competitive exams too. NCERT Books are beneficial to the students double fold.  Parents need not to spend money for competitive exams coachings after passing academic exams.  To speak true, NCERT Books not only save the precious time of students, but also save their money that is spent for the preparation of competitive exams. The need is to press on schools or colleges to run NCERT Books. 
Student’s age is like the prepared earth by the potter. They can be given any shape. They don’t know what is really good or bad for them. It is the duty of parents to make the students aware of what books are good or better. If recent studies have proved that there is no alternative to NCERT Books, then why not to make the demand to run in schools NCERT Books. There is no compromise with the schools to run the books lesser in grade than NCERT and having higher price. Schools and college are not supposed to run the books other than NCERT that have higher price. Students should not be put into delusion by giving attractive cover page and attractive images inside the books to adopt them on that basis. 
It is well known that private books are marked higher prices by the publishers supplied to the libraries and schools due to commission based policies. It gives a bad name on the brand of the college or schools as they are called commission agents of the publishers. By being away from the bad name as commission agents, they can bring a higher quality in their band of the schools by running NCERT Books. Parents will see such schools with a different look as such schools’ motto is not to earn money by being commission agents, but is the betterment for the career of the students. By adopting NCERT Books in their syllabus, the schools will find the alumni on higher position after their graduation or Post graduation. This would be a greater achievement to the schools than being adopting the books in colleges having higher prices and lower quality than NCERT Books. 
There are so many occupations free to be adopted in the world. One is free to choose business of one’s like. If NCERT Books are boon to the students, Publishers should not force the colleges to compel the students to study private books instead of NCERT Books. When the students will come to the reality, they will give the opposite air in the same force to such colleges or schools. 13 April 2018 Uttarakhand  High Court decision confirms the statement when the publishers were rebuked, “Dhanda karna hai toh Koyla becho, Rs. 300 ki kitaab kyun? (If you want to do business, sell coal, why sell books costing Rs. 300?”
    About books, Francis Bacon, in his Essay ‘Of Studies’ say that “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.” Students and parents should take the lines deeply what Bacon has said  about Books….

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