Our Teachers deserve Respect!
| Education Jagat - 16 Aug 2018

What is the meaning of a good teacher? Of course, for a teacher rich credentials, knowledge, critical thinking, and intelligence are important. However, a great teacher is empathetic, compassionate and having positive attitudes. One joins the profession of teaching fully knowing that it is not a way to become rich. But a true teacher’s dedication and motivation is hard to crack and beyond any monetary gains.  Teachers have a tremendous effect on thinking and beliefs. Their role in shaping the future of the society is both significant and valuable. 
  Teachers are the real leaders. It requires hard work and persistence to be a leader and a teacher. It is a lifelong effort to adapt to transitions and in the process to improve more and more. Good teachers mostly believe in simple living. Their inclinations for continuous knowledge gain and spread, innovations, student friendliness and developments make them great and worthy. 
  Teachers in China have the greatest respect from people in their country, according to latest research examining attitudes to teachers around the world. But the tragedy in many countries is that teaching is turning hard, often thankless and a stressful job. We can find many of new teachers quit teaching within the few years of their first appointment. There are countries where teachers receive harsh treatments and even struggle for their basic means to survive. The sooner the better, such countries must realize that teaching is the one profession that makes all other professions possible. 
   Our teachers must also sense higher responsibilities. A good teacher has to be a role model and an inspiration for his students. They must treat students as their own kids. As a teacher, we can’t teach without care and love. It is true that we can only pass on information, but that isn’t the real essence of teaching. Teachers can significantly change the mind of their students when they first touch their students’ hearts.  This will also result in building student’s confidence and their willingness to learn.

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