International Career in Banking & Finance - Prof. Priya Malhotra
| Education Jagat - 16 Aug 2018

Global PG Diploma in area of Banking and Finance in India, is an International Program. It helps students in making them Professionals in the field of International Finance and also helps them in the field of Financial Planning, International Business and Trade and Exports and Imports.
   As per T.K.W.S. Institute of Banking and Finance Director Shri Amit Goel, those people who are into International Financial Marketing, Institutes, Finance Generating Inve-stors in Capital Generation, and wish to work as a bridge between them, the Global PG Diploma in Banking and Finance prov-ides new job opportunities.
Course of Study
Global PG Diploma in Banking and Finance is a one year Course. Banking Operations, Financial Planning, Trade Finance, Forex, Finance SME are some of the topic which are taught and studied in this Course. The basic topics on Computers, Business Communication and Share Market, its working are also demonstrated during this Course. How to become a Professional Banker and the necessary training regarding how to act and react in cases of emergency and difficult situations is also taught. 
A Graduate student of any stream with a minimum of 50% marks can take Admission in Global PG Diploma in Banking and Finance. This is a Profess-ional Course of one year in which students of final year of Graduation are also eligible and can apply for this Course. The interesting point in this Course is that for Backward Class there is a provision for 50% scholarship in this Course.
Skill Ability 
Those who wish to make a Career in this profession should have capabilities of sitting for long hours of work. They should have deep Financial knowledge and an aptitude to understand Financial Market Trends. Should have strong capabilities to solve Financial Problems, besides, should have a Problem Solving Aptitude and a Good Commun-ication skill with a mixing and a “Harmonious Attitude”.
Career & Placement 
 There are lot of opport-unities in this field after doing a PG Diploma in Banking and Finance. The opportunities exist in International Banking, Forex, Treasury, Corporate Loans, Financial Research, in which job opportunities open automatically. Some International Banks also provide jobs in different skills and give them placement with handsome salaries.
Source of Earnings
 Banking and Finance are two very Lucrative Areas. In these, the minimum salary one is likely to start with is Rupees 40,000 to 50,000 per month. With experience, the Salary goes on increasing. Department Examinations and its experience leads to an increase in the Salary.
Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi
T.K.W.S. Institute of Banking and Finance, New Delhi
Aligarh Muslim University

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