This Fortnight’s Focus - Biotechnology By. Harminder Kaur
| Editor - 19 Sep 2018

What is Biotechn-ology all about?
   Biotechnology is all about harnessing the power of living cells and materials for use in environmental, diagnostic, pharma-ceutical and agricultural industries. Biotechnology is a highly interdiscip-linary field that combines biological sciences with engineering technologies to manipulate living organisms and biological systems to produce pro-ducts that advances healthcare, medicine, agri-culture, food, pharma-ceuticals and the enviro-nment. 
    Biotechnology finds application to a number of fields. Some of them are:
  Medical and Health Care
Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
Industrial Research and Development
Food Processing
Chemical Engineering
Drug Designing and Manufacture
Environment Conser-vation
What are the different branches of biotechno-logy?

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