True Leaders Don’t Hide, They Stand Up & Fight
| Brig. (Dr) Sunil Kumar Moudgil (Retd) - 17 Jun 2019

NBA (National Basketball Association) League of USA, is composed of 30 teams and widely considered to be the premier professional men’s league in the world. Michael Jordan an all-time great basketball player of the NBA played in the league for several years. The ‘Failure Wall’ of Michel Jordan is a treat to read. In his own words, He says he had missed 3000 shots in his career, lost over 300 games, 26 times when his team trusted him to take a game winning shot, he missed it. He says I have failed over and over and over again and that is why I succeeded. 
 Nearer home, Sachin Tendulkar regarded as the greatest batsman in the history of cricket.  His ‘Failure wall’ is read as, I was out at 34 times at ‘Duck’ during my cricketing career, 20 times at duck alone in ‘One Day International’ (ODI), it’s the record for any Indian Player to be out at duck in ODI, but I am also the most successful player in the world to score 100 centuries in international test cricket. 
  Nearer home there is another example, the right arm leg spinner bowler, Anil Kumble. He said I am the record holder for giving away maximum boundaries in ODI vis-a vis any other Indian Bowler, but I am also the only one who has taken 619 wickets in Test Cricket and took 4 wickets or more in an innings 66 times. 
  There are several such inspirational true stories around us, in our everyday life. The pertinent question comes to our mind that despite failures, why do some people are highly successful in their life, business, jobs etc. and some are not!
 Let’s try to understand the logic behind success and put it in some perspective! 
 We, human beings, have a personality which can be understood by separating it in two parts. 
Part 1, Non-negotiable Personality. Non-negotiable is that slice of personality of a human being which cannot be negotiated. It is a fixed portion, where we have no control. It cannot be negotiated for you, me or anybody for that matter of fact. Non-negotiated components of a human being could be - how one looks like, one’s color of skin/height/shape of eyes/background/gender/where one is born etc. It is something given and fixed for all of us. It merely makes difference in one’s story of success or failure.
Part 2, Negotiable Personality. This part of personality is completely negotiable based on how much passionate we are. It is entirely up to us how do we negotiate at the face of challenges. If we self-reflect into the past, we can see for our self – how we took challenges and came out successful - from crawling to standing to running to cycling, to biking to driving cars & what not.  Anyone quitted to biking or car driving etc.  once they quitted, they quitted forever. Therefore, in life, weather we quit or stand steadfastly to overcome challenges leads to success or otherwise! 
 How to become successful & winners in life? 
  Simple formula - To achieve anything in life one needs to negotiate for only two things i.e. Energy and Focus. How can one get that? Follow the sequence:
1. Set a challenging goal for self. Challenging so that one feel stretched. 
2. Goal should be something with which one personally identify and that one believes is worthwhile pursuing it.
3. Create a concrete roadmap of how to achieve it. 
4. To overcome negativity, leverage strong emotions that drives one towards the goal. 
5. Harness positive energy as a source of emotional strength. 
How to put this formula in to action?
a. Form the intention - define the objective or goal for which one is passionate about.
b. Commit unconditionally to the intention.
c. Protect your intention from the frenzied, detached or procrastinators around you.
d. Just keep moving, have no stopping rules, stand against failures till the objective is met.
 The answer to the puzzle of ‘Being Successful’ is wrapped up in an age-old belief. ‘When chips are down, true leaders don’t hide, they stand up and fight’. 

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