Common for Students in Career & Buffet
| Brig. (Dr) Sunil Kumar Moudgil (Retd) - 16 Aug 2019

Generally, students while venturing out for professional opportunities display a behavior akin to what can be observed in people enjoying a buffet! Isn’t it Fascinating! Let’s try to comprehend similarity between the two.
 We are aware that Buffet is a meal, where we serve ourselves, from a variety of dishes set out on a table. Be it restaurants, official or private gatherings, buffets are the most efficient way to feed many guests at the same time. It is interesting to observe behavior of people enjoying buffets. Let’s categories their behaviors in to three groups:
 Group One: Some people pick-up the plates, take some salad and fill-up the remaining plate with one kind of food. When they look around and observe other people eating different kind of foods like Chinese or Continental or somewhat different from their choice of dish, they realize that perhaps they have picked up a wrong dish. Generally, such people leave their plate unfinished at the earliest opportunity and opt for a different dish like Chinese / Continental or something else which they did not pick up earlier.  
Group Two: Some people go for what is already in their mind. So, they typically would look in for ‘a dish’. Let’s call these people as “Where is the chicken type?”. These people are very clear right from the beginning about the kind of food they would like to eat in the buffet. It does not matter to them what other people are eating or what kind of other dishes are laid out at the table. 
Group Three: There will be another kind of people, who take a full round of the laid-out buffet to see what options are available. Since there will always be many options available to select from, they first try out all dishes/options in smaller quantities. Depending upon which dish they like the most or want to eat after tasting the small stuff, they fill up their plates with that dish and relish their food. 
Isn’t it? 
 The above 3 buffet eating behaviors are essentially analogous to the behaviors of students who seek job or career opportunities for the first time after obtaining a professional degree.  
Group One: Numerous students join a company for the first job opportunity, soon feel dissatisfied, get influenced easily based on gossip within networks, working in a different company. For them, grass is always greener on the other side! Then they develop an indifferent behavior towards their own company. Such behaviors sometimes lead them to even quit the job. 
Group Two: Another set of students are well aware of the options their friends are opting for such as joining MNCs, going for higher studies, and so on but that does not distract them from their own job since they are clear about what they want to do in life. They are the ones who can be equated with ‘where is the chicken?’ type! 
Group Three: Yet another kind of behavior is also observed amongst students. This category of students does not chase every opportunity coming their way. They reach out to their friends, relatives, mentors, and do extensive research work to understand the options available that are well aligned with their strengths and then hand-pick the opportunity to pursue. 
 Let me toss a ‘4H’ Model for students to self-reflect. The first ‘H’ signifies ‘Head’, which means keeping the head high and living a dignified and successful life as the starting point. Second ‘H’ stands for ‘Heart’, implying that there should be conviction and purpose in whatever we do. The third ‘H’ stands for ‘Hand’, which means once we know where our heart is, we should have no ego or inhibitions to work all out with our hands. The fourth ‘H’ is ‘Harvest’, which means all the good things in life come automatically once the first 3 ‘H’s are followed, in the given sequence.  
 Students who relate themselves with Group One (Job seekers or buffet eaters), perhaps follow the 4H Model in reverse. They are looking at the 4th ‘H’ first at the start of their career.  
 Students who relate themselves with Group Two or Three as above (Job seekers or buffet eaters), possibly following the 4H Model and they are successful in life. Only difference between the two is for Group Two people, ‘H’ means Heart and for Group Three people, ‘H’ means Head. 
 People in Group Two are likely to venture out for start-ups and people in Group Three may prosper in professional careers! 

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