CBSE incapable to induce its rule on Schools
| Education Jagat - 01 May 2017

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) stepping towards strict action, sent notice to 5 Schools of Delhi for neglecting the rules of CBSE. Another 19 Schools of Haryana are also included in this list. CBSE has asked them to justify themselves for not cancelling their affiliation. 15 days’ time has been given them to them for their reply. 
Irregularity was found in the safety rules, number of admission was found more than the approved number of students and putting determined data on the school website. According to a CBSE official, the schools which have been sent the show-cause notice are Spring Fields Convent School, Ring Midways Senior Secondary Public School, Gyanodaya Public School, Modern International School and New Sainik Public School. The official said that including Kurukshetra, Rohtak, Sonipat, Bhiwani and Jhajjar various 19 schools of Haryana are also in this list. It is notable that more than 40 schools were sent the show-cause letter in April. 
Affiliation of 3 Schools cancelled in U.P
CBSE cancelled the affiliation of 3 schools in U.P. Along with it, approval of other two schools was reduced. Admission is banned for two academic sessions, in class 11th and 12th in one of the school of Kanpur when number of admissions was found more than the approved number. 
Yogi Government has decided to put ban on the Re -admission fees.

Rules of CBSE followed just for formality by the Public Schools
Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), releases order for Public Schools but each time the rule is found ignored by the public schools. There are many agendas to be followed by the Public Schools but instead of following them, they keep them aside and do as per their wish. So, that CBSE cannot point them out. They take the rules of CBSE as granted. Public Schools include Fee-structure. Re-admission fee, books, dress, stationary, maintenance-fee, computer-fee, development-fee etc in their circular for new admissions. 
As per one of the officials of CBSE in condition not to publish name, they cannot give direct order to Public Schools to follow their rules, only notification can be released to them. Further it is the choice of Public Schools whether to follow the rule or not.   


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