Society & Business amidst COVID-19
| Education Jagat - 17 Apr 2020

A study was conducted by the students of SVKM’s NMIMS Mumbai on Society’s Expectations from Business in Addressing COVID-19 Crisis. This study focused on gauging public expectations from the businesses about how they plan to mitigate the ramifications of the COVID-19 crisis.
The key findings of this study were:
1. 70 % of respondents suggest that although major groups of Industries are affected by COVID-19, most people feel daily wage earners and elderly staying alone are impacted the most. Government measures such as cash transfer and supplying food will not be enough to overcome the misery of millions of inter-state migrant workers.
2. COVID-19 has had “tangible effects” on the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Around 75% of respondents believe that immediate Support Businesses can strengthen the fragile healthcare infrastructure of the country by providing curative care for COVID-19 patients and supplying food to poor, health staff and police personnel.
3. In the long-run health care sector must utilize CSR investment in improving access and availability of medical care, community hygiene & sanitation as per 80% of respondents. Investments should also be made in medical research and employment opportunities for the poor through public-private partnerships.
4. The conclusion is that to ensure economic, environmental and social sustainability we need an appropriate mix of economic policies, fiscal stimulus, investments in healthcare and social protections. 

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