Over 154 Cr Students hit by COVID-19 Lockdown: UNESCO
| Education Jagat - 01 May 2020

Over 154 crore students are severely impacted by the closure of educational institutions across the world amid the COVID-19 outbreak due to which girls will be the worst hit as it will lead to increased drop-out rates and further entrench gender gaps in education, UNESCO said.
 Stefania Giannini, UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Education, told in an interview that shutting down of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic comes with a warning of “potential for increased drop-out rates which will disproportionately affect adolescent girls, further entrench gender gaps in education and lead to increased risk of sexual exploitation, early pregnancy and early and forced marriage”.
 “Out of the total population of students enrolled in education globally, we estimate that over 89 percent are currently out of school because of COVID-19. This represents 154 crore students enrolled in school or university, including nearly 74 crore girls. Over 11 crore of these girls are living in the world’s least developed countries where getting an education is already a struggle,” she told
 According to Giannini, for girls living in refugee camps or who are internally displaced, shutting down of schools will be the most devastating as they are already at a disadvantage and education responses must prioritize the needs of adolescent girls’ at the risk of reversing 20 years of gains made for girls’ education.
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