Scholarships: a helping hand in our education
| Education Jagat - 01 May 2017

Expense is another name for higher education. If somebody desires for higher education, they have to invest money to gain it. But, it is not possible for every parent & student. So, here comes “Scholarships” to help them. Scholarships are financial help to the meritorious students who dream for higher education. Scholarships are provided on the basis of merit, special quota, talent to the student. Scholarship is a thing which a student earn themselves. Scholarship includes hostel fees, school fees, stipend, cash and other encouraging awards. The student only needs to focus on their study and career. If they have a well academic background, they can attain scholarship.    
How to get Scholarship?
Scholarship news can be acquired from different websites, Newspapers, Internet and Voluntary Organizations. Students need to keep themselves updated to these Scholarship sources. Scholarship is parted in different sections i.e. financial requirement, merit, interest for higher education, vocational course, language, interest in special cultural activity and also on the basis of gender. 
Deprived of Scholarship schemes; why?
There are a lot of Scholarship schemes in our country but due to the lack of knowledge students are not able to reach them. There are many such reasons why the needy candidates stay deprived of Scholarships. Being a rural based country many students still are from very poor society where they don’t have even electricity. Therefore, we cannot expect such students to even know the Internet. Thus scarcity of Internet related knowledge and English language keeps the students untouched to Scholarships. Schemes of Scholarships are not promoted in vast way. They are limited to websites and newspapers. Until and unless, a student is informed regarding this, they don’t get to know about Scholarship. Lack of co-ordination between the students and teachers also keep the students away from the Scholarship schemes. Many students and parents have a perception that Scholarships are meant only for minorities, but the fact is far away from the truth. As per a report of America, 76% of Scholarships are secured by General category students. To be from a backward ground is not a compulsion to achieve Scholarship. Every needy student attaining 45% can apply for Scholarship. 
Status of Scholarship in the country:
•    4237 Applications invited but only 2000 applications received
•    J & K invited 5000 applications but received only 400 applications
•    No utilization of the Scholarship fund of 176.86 crore Rupees (CGA Report-2013)
•    90% students don’t show interest in Scholarship due to lack of knowledge
•    Cancellation of Scholarship form due to small mistakes
Scholarship schemes that can help:
For class 1 to 10
National Standard Examination in Junior Science
•    Star Youth Scholarship in Singapore
•    Government Scholarship Schemes (For Reserved Category)
•    National Talent Search Exam
•    IGNTI (Ignite)
•    Indian Oil Sports Scholarship
•    HDFC Educational Crisis Scholarship
For class 11 & 12
•    L’Oreal India for Young Women Science Scholarship
•    Indian Oil Academic Scholarship
•    Inspire
•    Fair & Lovely Jubilee Scholarship
•    Shahu Jain Scholarship
•    FAEA Scholarship
Scholarship for especially abled people
•    Trust Fund Scheme for Disabled
•    National Fund Scholarship for Disabled
•    AICTE- Scholarship for differently abled

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