Not just the 98%, but Every Child is important to us: Sisodia
| Education Jagat - 01 Aug 2020

Dy. C M Manish Sisodia interacted with 12th standard students of Delhi government schools who were placed under the “essential repeat” category by the CBSE for not being able to perform well in their board examinations. The Education Minister said the interaction was aimed at taking their feedback so that they may be guided to prepare and perform better the following year.
  “If we look at it only as a figure, it is very less. We could have been satisfied with the 98 percent result. But, for us, these are our students, not just a mere statistical figure. Every child is important to us. This is the reason this year I am meeting those children who, for some reason, have not been able to succeed,” Sisodia said, adding that the Education Department had already started working towards its dream of achieving a 100 percent pass percentage.
 “We want every single child to achieve greater heights and it will be possible only when you will give us these inputs. We know you are disheartened but you can still help us,” the Deputy CM added.
 Sisodia asked the students to make a list of people around them who are called “successful” in business or at work and understand their struggles. The students mainly talked about their family reasons or lack of interest in the subjects they had taken up. Few of them had financial issues and some had a single parent. After listening to the students, Sisodia said that family issues like having a single parent may hinder a child’s learning and “we need to create a comprehensive support system for every child”.

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