Fulfilling the dreams of Late Dr. O.P.Bhalla, establishing new heights of success Dr. Prashant Bhalla
| Education Jagat - 15 May 2017

As per the name ‘Manav Rachna University’, Manav Rachna University is one of the well-known educational hubs of the students. Manav Rachna University is a brand and is flagging all over the world. Today it does not need any introduction as it has achieved the name & fame through its hard work and quality. It ranks 10th among all the top Universities in India. There are near about 12 schools of Manav Rachna University in all over India. Students from more than 17 countries come to study in Manav Rachna University. MOUs with more than 40 countries have been signed and is attached to all in some or other way.  In an exclusive interview with Education Jagat, Chairman Dr. Prashant Bhalla revealed some of the secrets of the success of Manav Rachna University. The name behind the University and the aim to bring Manav Rachna at the top. So, let us know what is his opinion to some issues?  
How far the ambition of Late Dr.O.P.Bhalla is fulfilled?
It has been 20 years to the establishment of Manav Rachna University. My father Late Dr. O.P.Bhalla kept the base of the University in 1997.  Dr. O.P.Bhalla aimed at an academic institute where education was not the only property. His aim was to build an institute where skilled personality can be produced. Students get a perfect platform to excel in academics as well as other co-curricular activities.
What does Manav Rachna University aims at? 
As per the name Manav Rachna University believes in producing a well-developed and skilled students from their institute. It not only focuses on the academic performance but also sports, morality, skills, practical training etc. Moreover university provides employment based study and also tries to cultivate entrepreneurship in students to begin their own firm/start-ups. As per the name ‘Manav Rachna University’, Manav Rachna University is one of the well-known educational hubs of the students. 
How was Manav Rachna University establishesd? 
Dr. O.P.Bhalla started the educational chain with a number of 180 students. Along with quality education, it served moral values & discipline a unique quality different from other educational institutes, attracted students not only from India but also from all over the world. And gradually the number crossed 20000. Today the total number of students in all the branches of Manav Rachna University and school is 28000. This is not a small number. It takes years to establish image maintaining the quality and reach this major number.   
Most of the Universities wake up after the examination of 12th, whereas the guidance should be given before the exam. What is the way Manav Rachna University has adopted to handle this?
              Students of Manav Rachna University are guided in regular intervals. Prioritizing not only the exam time , rather students are taught and guided for their entire course duration. So, that they realize their aims and ambitions of their life. Manav Rachna tries not only to develop employment based education system but also to develop entrepreneurs from their institute. 
The placement rate affects a lot to the number of admission. What is the placement percentage of Manav Rachna University?
The placement record of Manav Rachna University is 75-80%. Big companies like Accenture, Amazon, Maruti, IBM etc hire students for their companies. Till now the highest package offered is 15 Lakh and the average placement package offered is 3.5 Lakh. Most of the students in various courses are placed well in big companies. 
Whom would you give the credit for it?
The faculty and students, both of them are equally participant for the success. Faculty in Manav Rachna University is one of the best faculty. They are all well-trained and highly qualified. Along with them the hard-work of the students and the creativity has took Manav Rachna create new successful heights. A good number of students from Manav Rachna University are doing Entrepreneurship, they have established their own company and are well settled. Techno-planet is one of the company made by the student of Manav Rachna University. It has been 3-4 years of this company and now it has expanded its reach to 8 states. 
What is your opinion about the technical India prevailed everywhere?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s idea of digital India and Make in India is a long-term idea which is beneficial to a large extent. At present it is a problem but this problem will be our relief in future. With modernization and globalization, world is going to develop, therefore the need of digital education is be in high demand in the coming years. Thus, technical and digital education should be encouraged and imparted. The idea of Make in India is going to give employment and raise the economy of India. These projects will help in industrialization, manufacturing and society-upliftment. These are the long-term issues.
Which section do you think is the weak part of Indian education system?
There is no doubt that Indian education system is the best education system as well as best for its discipline. But, we cannot deny the section of liberal arts. It has been the weak section of our education system. Our education system has always been teacher-driven instead of student-centric. Though changes are being adopted in this system. Slowly we can see that the education is imparted keeping in mind the requirements of students. Therefore, we must try to adapt student-centric education system.   
What message would you convey to the youth and students?
The present generation is very smart and can take decisions smartly to choose their career and earn living. In this process they should also learn to accept that struggling is the one of the characteristic of success. There is no short-cut to success. So, never give up from hard work and struggle. Your struggle will be repaid to you in the form of success some-day. Walk through the right path and achieve your goal. Manav Rachna University & Manav Rachna International University always taught the same thing. Where students can be motivated and work for the upliftment of their life and society.

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