13 Engineering Colleges gets closed
| Education Jagat - 15 May 2017

From last some years, degradation of Engineering colleges and its closure has been an issue to think upon. India is a country where the highest demand is of IT’s but it the sector unemployment is also in heavy number. 
As per a report released by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), 13 Engineering Colleges have been closed this year. And 122 Engineering Institutes have applied for Progressive Closure. The list of closed Engineering Colleges includes four Institutes of Gurugram, five of Noida and a college of New Delhi. The list of 122 Institutes who have applied for Progressive Closure will no more be taking new admissions in the year 2017. However, these Institutes will complete the course of the students who are enrolled already in the courses. After the completion of the course of all the students, the Colleges will shut down their doors for any further admissions. 
The graph of closing Engineering colleges is increasing day by day
If we look at the graph of closing number of engineering colleges, there are more than 500 colleges that has closed till date. In year 2016, a number of 125 Institutes were closed. The downfall of engineering colleges is due to the less number of admissions. The seats are remaining incomplete which is affecting the revenue of the college. 
Poor educational system of AKTU signifies the forth-coming danger to the Engineering Colleges.
AKTU took the responsibility to fill up all the seats in the colleges but failed to achieve it. And now after the failure, it has allowed the colleges to fill the seats. 
AKTU is witnessing incomplete fulfilment of seats, it has said the colleges to fill it. This allowance was given in the first week of May, when AKTU found that the seats are remaining vacant. Admissions are not up to the mark. 
In year 2016-17, Chancellor of AKTU, Vinay Pathak, had announced to give ranking to the Institutes and placement to the students but the announcement remained an oral promise. This is not yet applied. None of the promises are completed by AKTU.
Except 5-6 Institutes affiliated to AKTU have fulfilled the seat number. Almost, all the Institutes are facing the problem of vacant seats.
The Vice-Chancellor of AKTU himself is unaware of the coming problem. But, it is clear that if admissions are not done then the college is sure to shut down, because if no one is there to study then for whom the institute will be kept open? Students and Registrars both are frustrated with the poor system of AKTU. None of the student is provided the result easily. A student has to run for lot of time to gain the certificate and the result. Owners of many private Engineering Institutes of Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad are in a plan to meet Chief Minister Yogi to resolve this issue.
Lack of monetary fund and faculty are the basic reason for closure of the Engineering Colleges: Sandeep Sharma ( Director-Admissions)
Lack of money is one of the basic reason for the closure of engineering colleges. We could not provide well-equipped practical labs and specialization based training to the students. The reservation system and scholarship to the SC/ST is good but to a large extent, it is the main reason for the closure of any private institute. The fee for the students of SC/ST category is paid by the government. This payment through government is a barrier for the private institutes because the revenue gets hampered. Second, lack of money paves way to lack of faculty. If salary is not paid on time or is not suitable than nobody will be interested to continue. Third, lack of money paves way for the lack of equipment. In engineering colleges, practical classes are the basic routes, and if it is not provided to them they cannot gain a skillful education. Well-equipped Laboratory is must. But funding problem raises all these other issues. Forth many students leave their course in between. Sometimes they found it improper for their aim and sometimes they are not eligible for this course. Therefore, in both the situation, students leaves the course where a good amount has to be repaid to them. This is due to the basic education system given in Indian Schools. A student is guided for his her career after tenth which is the base for every student. If proper counselling is done beforehand in ninth then the student may have a clear concept about his her career. This may not confuse him choosing his career. Therefore, we cannot blame a single person for the closure of Engineering Colleges, more or less everyone who is related to the engineering college has equal contribution towards the degradation of it.  

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