Without Rating Parameters how can schools be rated?
| Education Jagat - 03 Jun 2017

Ministry of Human Resource and Development (HRD) is planning to implement rating system on the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools all over the country. But, everyone is familiar with the fact that CBSE has already proved to be a failure in implementing its rule on Public Schools. It failed in making its rule applicable in all the Public and CBSE Schools. Till now the implementation of NCERT books is just in the circular but the bags are full of private books. Along with this, CBSE has still not demarcated the fees or the dress code of the schools. All these are the proof of the failure of CBSE. In this condition, where CBSE and the government could not do anything, how can we trust that the rating system will be a success in moulding quality based institutions. The Private Schools, who construct their own rules and regulations, will have the rating system also on their rules. Thus, before bringing the rating system in effect, HRD should determine the parameters of rating. The parameters of rating once decided will lead to an unbiased rating of schools. But, before this CBSE as well as HRD should focus on the present issues regarding the high fees and NCERT books.  
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