My Wheatish Complexion is a Whip on Colour Discrimination
| Education Jagat - 05 Oct 2017

The English Novel, My Wheatish Complexion by Dr. Deen Dayal published by Authors Press, New Delhi is  the first novel written by Indian writter in English raising the problem like colour or complexion that is s highly humanistic writing focusing on self identity and self voice of females for the active and dynamic Women Empowerment. It reveals the levels of Complexion discriminations against females in the society. It is direct attack on orthodoxy, outdated dogmas and superstitions to change the mentality of the people to bring the equality without any gender discrimination in the society. Anjali, the chief protagonist in the novel is an innovative girl who can be ideal for thousands girls feeling suffocation due to the traumas caused by the taunts and comments at different levels by the different categories of the people in the society due to their dark complexion. She refutes boldly the superstitions and outdated dogmas when she says, “…There is no tantra to keep others under domination. If it is so why do the hypocrite babas not dominate the world?...” The diasporic elements in the novel introduces us with the culture of different countries and its influence on the characters.  The novel gives the clear-cut message that fault doers are punished whether time it may take. It is a new platform for young girls to give them power to maintain their self respect in the society filled with the ills of various kind discriminations.

Dr. Manoj Kumar Diwakar

Asst. Professor

Centre of Economic Studies & Planning,

School of Social Sciences, JNU, New Delhi

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