What Higher Education System India needs….
| Dr Deen Dayal - 17 Mar 2018

Higher Education of India is the third largest in the world, next to US and China with its main governing body, University Grant Commission that enforces standards, gives time to time advice to universities & colleges and coordinates between centers’ and states. National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is another autonomous body that assesses and accredits Higher Education Institutes in India. Besides these regulatory functional bodies, there are ground level things need come into light. The product we receive into the first phase of Higher Education (First year Enrolment) is not up to the mark due to flexible policies of Secondary and Higher Secondary Boards. Input (purely new students) of Higher Education needs qualitative. Mass copying during the examination in some boards is the result of flexibility in Govt. and board Policies in Education. It needs update.
      All the Institutes under Secondary and Higher Secondary Boards need to be digitalized well connected with internet facilities. From admission to examination, ADHAR Cards should be mandatory. Enrolment needs online with ADHAR Card a necessary document. There is a need of biometric attendance during the examination to prevent forged entry of the students from the same state and other from different states. An online entry of answer sheets used during examination hall should also be systematized to prevent the use of forged answer sheets that are in general talks. 
  Online enrollment, biometric attendance linked with ADHAR Card and online entry of answer sheets will help preparing qualitative educational atmosphere in the country. If all boards of Secondary and Higher Education are directed to execute strict policies framed by govt., the input (base product) to Higher Education will automatically be qualitative.
    Higher Educational system needs a well framed update to give a qualitative standardized preview of Education.  Enrolment, attendance and examination system to Higher Education should be same as of Secondary Boards as described above. Besides, Higher Educational Institutes need much update. Class room teaching boards should be replaced to digital: electronic ones connected to internet with heavy wifi facility equipped with lecture recording facilities so that well planned material according to the syllabus can be served to the students. Universities should adopt   semester system to force the students to attend daily classes and to remain in touch with subject. UGC should make this mandatory to   all Universities and all Institutes. There is an urgent need of monitoring system for the execution of the policy. Every Higher Educational Institute should be directed to update daily activities to his website including curriculum, co- curriculum and extra curriculum activities run  in the Institutes. This will bring the reality of the institutes. 
    Weekly progress or updates of Libraries and practical Labs of colleges or Institutes should be made on their web sites that should be under observation of Higher Education authorities. Examinations of the all colleges need to be under vigilance of security camera having the capacity of voice and visual recording of the time prescribed for exams and need to be loaded to the websites of Dept of Higher Education. (A Future Vision)

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