Psychometric Assessment and your Career explore
| Education Jagat - 01 May 2020

Students today often land up with a shortlist of 20thcentury occupations from which they try to choose their dream job - without exploring the vast range of exciting opportunities available in today’s professional world. They need to be allowed to be more imaginative when it comes to choosing a career, to challenge themselves by walking along with unchartered territory.
Who is responsible for this situation? Is it the school, teacher, parent, or the students themselves?
There is no simple answer to these questions. There is also no one factor responsible and so instead of trying to find the exact reason the solution is to create an awareness of what they are missing in terms of opportunities. Without this awareness they are more likely to land with a job which has a huge chance of getting automated within the next 15-20 years, making them redundant at an early stage in their careers. According to recent surveys, almost 39% of jobs young people aspire for today run a risk of extinction in the near future.
 So here comes the role of a good psychometric assessment tool which when taken along with an expert counseling session can be a huge eye-opener for both the student and parents with regard to emerging career trends and options available in the fast-changing job market which is today driven by developments in technology and social media.
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